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From: Ghost Shaidan (ghost@ao.net)
Date: 11/29/96

I have seen several posts come across the board on assigning flags to
classes/races upon char creation, and here is my question, with these
AFF_flags set, if they are cast on with the same spell (wether it be
infravision, detect align, etc) will it wear off and take the flag with

Once i get these flags in I am probably going to need to be able to SET
these commands if there are problems, Can i use some sick, twisted
variation fo the bit toggling in obuild in the set command in act.wizard.c
or am I jumping to all the wrong conclusions?

Any pointers in tthe right direction would be much appriciated.

Happy Holidays
Ghost Shaidan
?able Sanity qs.iceworld.org 4000

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