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From: Rasmus 'Con' Ronlev (
Date: 11/29/96

On Fri, 29 Nov 1996, Ghost Shaidan wrote:

> I have seen several posts come across the board on assigning flags to
> classes/races upon char creation, and here is my question, with these
> AFF_flags set, if they are cast on with the same spell (wether it be
> infravision, detect align, etc) will it wear off and take the flag with
> them?

Well, the easiest way is this SET_AFF and REMOVE_AFF thing.. or whatever
it's called in circle. I don't think the spells/skills currently check for
any of this stuff, but there is something in the spell_affect thing when
casting spells on mobs that does a check for sancted mobs and stuff... You
might want to check into this (just something I thought about while
writing the message *g*).

> Once i get these flags in I am probably going to need to be able to SET
> these commands if there are problems, Can i use some sick, twisted
> variation fo the bit toggling in obuild in the set command in act.wizard.c
> or am I jumping to all the wrong conclusions?

Well, I made a function thats called somewhere inside the affect routines
to supposr affections on races. This is called everytime a player/char is
affected, and though keep the affects 'right'. I.e. if a spell wears off,
liek sanct, and a race has sanct, it removes the sanct per code because of
the spell, but before returning from the unaffect routines, it calls the
race affect code, and sets the race affect SANCT again. Thats a hacker way
of doing it, but it works :)


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