Re: [Circle] In GENERAL:

From: Terry Valladon (
Date: 11/13/96

>Why don't you fix the code and release a newer more solid version
>yourself, instead of whining about someone else's work?
>This is exactly the type of message that makes me not want anything
>to do with this list -- yet another person who is quick with vitriol
>and complaints about the hard work that someone else has put in, but 
>has little or nothing constructive of their own to add.
>We're using Oasis OLC here, and while I did have to track down a few
>bugs, for the most part Oasis is working quite well for us.

AMEN, now I did have to track down and fix a few errors, but if anyone has a
fix for the nothing bug (world eating.... never ending story....) could
someone please send it to me... it is slowly eating our world... thank you...

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