Re: [Circle] color_tar.gz

From: Bri - Circle List (
Date: 11/14/96

> I was wondering if someone could help me out with the installation of
> the color_tar.gz file.  We folled the readme.doc that's included in it
> exactly and added the color.o to our Makefile.  We are by no means
> expert coders, but are attempting to work our way to being somewhat
> respectable, so basically we suck right now.  Anyway if we follow the
> readme.doc exactly it will not compile properly.  An error occurs that
> reads: passing arg 1 of 'parse_color' discards 'const' from pointer type
> So I don't know if I'm prototyping it wrong or what, so could someone
> out there who knows what they're doing help us out with this?
I'm having the same problem with it; I'm currently playing around with it
to find the problem...


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