Re: [Circle] [System] Dos

From: Bri - Circle List (
Date: 11/14/96

> I have a favor to ask for anyone.  I have a friend who wants to start a 
> mud (not on the NET yet!)  And he wants a DOS copy.  Would anyone kindly 
> send me a DOS (already compiled) version of CircleMUD for my friend?  I 
> myself would be most gracious.  I cant compile a copy for him because I 
> am running linux, so I figured someone out their MAY have a copy he 
> could have.
I don't think there is a copy of CircleMUD for DOS. However, there is a
compiler called DJGPP, available at ..
it's a port of GCC. I've used it, it's not too bad.. with some
modifications CircleMUD might work for it.

Keep in mind I've never tried this, so I haven't a clue if it'll work.


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