Re: [Circle] Help with bug in Circle30bpl11

From: RHS Linux User (
Date: 11/14/96

On Thu, 14 Nov 1996, Bri - Circle List wrote:

> > If anyone can point me at a patch, or *SOMETHING* which will help me, it 
> > would be much appreciated.
> Umm, the OLC that comes with 3.0.11 says everywhere that it's not to be
> used 'cuz it isn't finished..:)

Sorry, hadn't realized that my copy had already been patched with 
OasisOLC ver 1.2, I think... if such a version exists.

Well, the bug is a problem, sorry that I can't give any better details, 
although I saw a message from someone else that mentioned the bug, so 
maybe someone knows how to fix it?  I'm not asking for a source code 
patch (although that would be nice), just a clue, a hint, something, 
since I'm not a C debugger by any stretch of the imagination.

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