Re: [Circle] Trains code near fixing...

From: Eduardo Gutierrez de Oliveira (
Date: 11/14/96

On Thu, 14 Nov 1996, The Arrow wrote:

> > BTW, where did you find it? I have almost made it work (actually it works,
> > some esthetic problems aside)...
> Cool... :)

> > I was wondering where did you find it since it looks like a nice piece of
> > code...
> I found it on Aminet, a set of mirroring ftp-sites filled with Amiga stuff.
> I hve no idea why the author uploaded it there, instead for on the circle ftp
> site.

Is there (Haven't found any site yet) a circle section or was it just
lumped together in some miscellaneous section?

> Hope you can soleve your little "esthetic" problesm... :)

Arg, don't remind me... I am suffering big time..:) I made a temporary
zone and am trying to run the train in it (I would call it subway but what
the ..), so far so good, the train goes from station to staton (I found
out there are no checks whatsoever, so if a station doesn't have an exit
to the east the thing will lock up the mud at the first pulse). You can
see it coming and going, all messages perfectly there.

The token machine also works great, if you have it it won't let you pass
until you buy a token, which is later removed from you when you enter the

Now, there is one thing I haven't managed to fix yet...

The door to the east changes, accordingly, as if there is a train or not,
none when no train is present, east when one is present, and 'exits' gives
you the name of the current transporter pod (I named differently with this
purpose). But if you do go 'east' and the train is present waiting for you
(if there is no train it will tell you 'Alas!...blah blha, no door'), but
you go back to the station, like if it was a circular room, you do get
your token taken (this is a separate spec_proc, so it is logical) but you
don't move, or more specific, you move and end up in the same place...

Now, if you teleport to the train you can see it moving (well, reading the
messages at least), and the exit also changes accordingly, what disturbs
me is that if you exit at any time you will indeed exit to the station you
were expecting.

Since it uses the same code for moving the rooms I cannot figure what's
happenning here...

Have you been able to run it succesfully at your side?

In case I make it work I'll post here the modifications needed to make it

On other note, I have a couple of doubts:

1.-How can I code it so a specific race or class has innate abilities,
like bash, infravision, sneak, hide or others? I have not been able to
figure this out, I get affections that time out. I need permanent ones.

2.-How would you guys implement it so you can save object descriptions
when quitting, like the embalmer bags out there which cannot get saved, or
a command (or mob, a blackmisth, for example) for personalizing items and
having those descriptions getting saved, either with the char or somewhere

3.-Has anyone been able to implement some sort of hot reboot, which just
is perceived as lag for users (a minute or two of lag) but is actually a
normal reboot that restablishes the mud as it was before the reboot?

Thanks all


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