[Circle] Mud Listings...

From: mike a dunston (magic__man@juno.com)
Date: 11/14/96

ok well i find it really interesting to be able to read all about
everything that everyone is doing at their mud sites and i was wondering
if we could compile a list of all information for EVERYONE's mud who is
on this list and if anyone knows of a good mud and knows the address for
that, and they are not on this list let me know...

ok, i guess what i am saying is that i want to compile a list of every
mud site i can find on the internet, i want to have a list of lots of
places, preferably circle mud based muds...so if you have a mud and/or
know of a good one that is not circle mud, please e-mail
"Magic__Man@Juno.Com" in the subject line please put "MUD LISTING" and i
will find it a lot faster, i get an average of 100 e-mails per day....or
if you run a WWIV based bbs that is on SierraLink, just send it to the
address below....

Mike Dunston
1@2948.SierraLink  -  WWIV BBS Network
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