Re: [Circle] [code]Sacrifice command

From: mike a dunston (
Date: 11/14/96

On Wed, 13 Nov 1996 05:41:44 -0500 writes:
>trying to imp a sacrifice command.
>vnum_object(arg, ch) < 0 where arg is the word corpse, otherwise it
>should fail, and it won't recognize that one.
>We've tried to do a str_cmp("corpse", arg) and it won't recognize that

Ok this sounds like something i did in some of my programs, ok, look at
the different places that the string "corpse" is located and check the
case... or use something like...

if (strcpr("CORPSE", toupper(arg)) == TRUE) { something...

ok i know that this might not work with your version but i have done it
on my system with a few of my programs...of course you will need to check
that TRUE is defined, i think that it is defined in "utils.h"

Mike Dunston
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