[Circle] Re: ram requirements

From: Jörgen (di4sig@stone.cse.hks.se)
Date: 11/14/96

Optimal amount of RAM is whatever you can afford. ;)
There is not finite limit (other than the limit set by the machine
architecture). So with a 32 bit adressing machine, 4 Gigs is the
most Optimal amount of RAM. But you can have up to 64 Gigs of Virtual 
memory as well (386+), that would make one hell of a swapartition.

But for a Linuxmachine dedicated for mud, 32 Mb and a swapdrive with ~50 Mb
is ok (Pentium machine of course)

However the biggest (or smallest if youd rather) bottleneck is the
netconnection. With RAM worth fort knox and a netconnection worth shit,
it sucks. Rule no 1: get a good connection first. Then you can start 
worrying about RAM. 

My 2 cents.
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