Re: [Circle] Re: ram requirements

From: Steve Reeves (
Date: 11/15/96

>The reason I asked is because I've been looking at a couple of commercial
>sites (Telmaron and Mudservices). Mudservices claims to give 14mb ram
>quota. Telmaron seemed to be flexible for the most part. Any opinions on
>these services, or know of any others worth checking out?

I, myself, do use Mudservices to run my MUD off of.. I've never had any
problems.. [well, except when an extrememly buggy MUD started using 99% of
the machines memory... that problem has since been fixed, thankfully.]  The
only thing that annoys some people is that Mudservices has installed some
sort of deamon that'll kill any process that uses up more than 15% of CPU
time or Memory, which makes it impossible to break your quota for more than
a minute or two.  :> 
[Also, I believe you can get the quota raised if you pay more.  The Base
cost if $150 for 3 months.]

Steve Reeves --,
"The most spirtual beings, if we assume they are the most courageous, also
experience by far the most painful tragedies:  But just for that reason they
honor life because it pits the greatest opposition against them." -- Nietzsche

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