[Circle] Problem

From: Nathan S. (es33@evansville.edu)
Date: 11/15/96

Hello, I've added races to my system and for some reason, instead of
assinging the person one of the four races I've put in place, it sets their
race to the race_menu.  I've tried several different methods to try and
remedy this and I get the same results each time.  The following is my
parse_race function.

int parse_race(struct descriptor_data * ch, int arg)

  switch (arg) {
  case 1:
    ch->character->player.race = RACE_NEIRO;
    return RACE_NEIRO;
  case 2:
    ch->character->player.race = RACE_KLIEST;
	return RACE_KLIEST;
  case 3:
    ch->character->player.race = RACE_LEIRYS;
	return RACE_LEIRYS;
  case 4:
    ch->character->player.race = RACE_DRAEDA;
	return RACE_DRAEDA;
    return RACE_UNDEFINED;

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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