Re[2]: [Circle] Social Editor

From: Gary Barnett (
Date: 11/15/96

Bri - Circle List <> wrote: [Fri, 15 Nov 1996 15:57:06 -0500 (EST)]

>  > Has ANYONE tried to use the Social Editor??? Anyone at ALL???
>  I have.. I put it in and it all works fine. Perhaps, try checking for
>  typos or anything?

Works great for me! A couple thoughts on it's use:

1) Make sure the people entering socials use the correct act codes..
Adding a help screen via a menu entry in the editor seems to help.

2) One useful addition to the social editor I found was to add a check in
the objects section to check for wielded/held items.. Examples of the
use would be the BRANDISH and MODEL socials.. i.e.

$n brandishes $p menacingly.

my $0.02


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