Re: Re[2]: [Circle] Social Editor

From: Bri - Circle List (
Date: 11/15/96

> 2) One useful addition to the social editor I found was to add a check in
> the objects section to check for wielded/held items.. Examples of the
> use would be the BRANDISH and MODEL socials.. i.e.
Ah, yes. I found this problem in there, where it didn't check for stuff
worn/etc. Go to do_action, and find the get_obj stuff (in;
it's lines 110-120 or so in my copy)...

Where you see:

      ((targ = get_obj_in_list_vis(ch, buf, ch->carrying)) ||
       (targ = get_obj_in_list_vis(ch, buf, world[ch->in_room].contents)))) {

Between these two, add the following line:

       (targ = get_object_in_equip_vis(ch, buf, ch->equipment, &i)) ||

Egad, I actually was helpful. Scary..*grin*


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