[Circle] [code] spec_procs

From: Corey Hoitsma (choitsma@netcom.com)
Date: 11/15/96

Hello all!

I've got a question here...

Umm, I noticed that the mayor spec_procs is called every once in a while,
but then all my other spec_procs are only called when a command is
typed in the same room! The Archers the Sammy put up
arin't working for me 'cause of this, it's always returning false
because it only runs the spec_proc when a command is typed.

How can I make it so that these spec_procs are called all the
time, like the mayor spec_proc, rather than whenever someone
types something? Did I just goof up?

Thanks for any help!

Corey Hoitsma                   AKA -= Myrddin =-
____         choitsma@netcom.com
 L|azmania			ah.net 7000

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