Re: [Circle] Displaying RACE/CLASS

From: Nicholas S. Wourms (
Date: 11/16/96

I believe you want to do two things in order to do this:
1)At the top of the file (in which you are trying to add full names), add this:
extern char *pc_race_types[];                    /*For Full Race Names*/
extern char *pc_class_types[];                   /*For Full Class Names*/

2)In your command or whatever, use the following:
pc_race_types[(int) GET_RACE(ch)]            /*For Full Race Names*/
pc_class_types[(int) GET_CLASS(ch)]          /*For Full Class Names*/

This should work fine, although let me alert you to a few problems:
1)If a class/race is no longer in the code, but someone chose it before the
code was altered, expect a major memory fault.  Just set the dude's
race/class to something that exists.

2)Be aware that you may need to change (ch) to (victim) based on whether or
not the command used is quering the race/class of the user of the command or
someone else.

I hope this helped!!!!

At 12:51 AM 11/16/96 EST, you wrote:
>WHen you want to display the WHOLE word of a CLASS or RACE...
>How do you do it?
>GET_RACE and GET_CLASS dont work... THey either give (null) or Crash the
>mud... Could someone direct me on how I could display the race and class in
>the score and whois commands.
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Nicholas Wourms 8^)

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