Re: [Circle] Computer Requirments

From: claywar (claywar@CETLink.Net)
Date: 11/16/96

Well, IMHO, I can't stand win95 as an os, especially for MUD running.
Several reasons for this.  First, it seems to drag out telnet connections
lagging most of the people on there.  Also, unless you can find some sort
of telnetd for 95, it'd be a real pain for coders having to work offlinem
etc, etc.  The only other thing I reccomend is a bigger hd.  A LOT bigger
hd.  Granted stock circle isn't that large, but soon you'll be wondering
where it all went, from close to nothing, to 20, and slowly larger.

my .02

On Fri, 15 Nov 1996, Bruce, Ray, Phil wrote:

> Hi yall,
> 	I just wanted to ask if my computer was good enough to run my mud.. I dont
> know what kinds of requirments are needed, so here goes:
>  - 486DX2 with 24 MB of RAM
>  - 540MB Hard disk space
>  - Windows 95 Operating System
>  - Currently on 28.8K modem connection, but that will change.
> If there is anything that I am not considering in my needs for the mud let
> me know, and if anything on that list is inadequate, let me know too.
> Thanks
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