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From: Rasmus 'Con' Ronlev (
Date: 11/16/96

On Fri, 15 Nov 1996, Sammy wrote:

> On Fri, 15 Nov 1996, Scott G. Barter wrote:
> - The reason I asked is because I've been looking at a couple of commercial
> - sites (Telmaron and Mudservices). Mudservices claims to give 14mb ram
> Depends on how they define and check the memory you're using.  The mud
> itself won't go over 8 meg unless you've made very big changes (installing
> every circle patch and area on the ftp site probably won't push 8).
> Compiling while the mud is running will take up a bit more (sorry can't
> check right now).  If you can get away with short spurts over 10 then 10
> would be a nice number for most muds.
> Yeah I know my numbers are real low, but I've run a stock circle mud on a
> 4 meg linux box, so nyah :P

Well, I agree with Sam some of the way... :p

If you run a stock circlemud it uses arround 3.5 megs of mem (or so linux
says :). But, if you add areas I'd say that area takes aprox 250k memory
or so - just an easy to count with number... i.e. 4 areas per 1 meg mem.

This means if the std. mud uses 3.5 megs, you could add 18 areas and keep
the 8 meg. memory boundry Sam is talking about. On the other hand iff you
want to build a big mud, with loads of extra code and sloppy coding (i.e.
not beeing too carefull about how much memory you use for tables *grin*)
and stuff like that, you could end up like the mud I run using more like
16 megs of ram on the base mud, and 4 megs of ram running a debugger, and
I could go on :) Ok, we've allso added a considerable amount of areas sme
of them original and most of them either circle ones or converted from
other mud types.

So, to answer the original question, is 14 megabytes of quota enough to
run a mud at ?

   Yes, it's perfectly fine if you're about to set up a new mud, and even
if you plan to expand it, it will take a long time till you hit the 14 meg
boundry your provider has given you.
Go with it, and remember one thing, it's the bandwith of the provider that
really counts. All the other stuff is nice to have, like 64 megs of mem
and 1 gig of HD quota, but noone really needs that *grin*


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