Re: [Circle] Re: ram requirements

From: Erik (
Date: 11/16/96

> So, to answer the original question, is 14 megabytes of quota enough to
> run a mud at ?
> Answer:
> --------
>    Yes, it's perfectly fine if you're about to set up a new mud, and even
> if you plan to expand it, it will take a long time till you hit the 14 meg
> boundry your provider has given you.
> Go with it, and remember one thing, it's the bandwith of the provider that
> really counts. All the other stuff is nice to have, like 64 megs of mem
> and 1 gig of HD quota, but noone really needs that *grin*
> Regards,
> Con.
  Heres an example of what changes can do though... Duris, extremely 
tight code, mem management optimized with in-line asm, uses ~40 megs ram, 
30% of our T-1's bandwidth, and ~150 meg disk counting our player database.
Compiles and testports are beginning to push the limit, so we've upgraded 
the box to 128 meg ram running on a dual p166 board. Ouch. 
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