RE: [Circle] [OasisOLC] Shops!!!

From: Kyle C. Shaw (
Date: 11/16/96

From: 	Bruce, Ray, Phil[]

Could someone tell me what I could do to fix my problem? Everytime I create
a SHOP online, and I save it... Everything seems to work fine, nothing
crashes and it says that its saved... BUT I turn the mud off and then back
on, and the shop is gone! They dont save whatsoever...

Sounds to me like you didn't update your "index" file in the /lib/world/shp
directory to include the new file.  When you create something new, Oasis
should make an "" file (or similar), to make updating the "index"
file easier (just junk the old "index" & rename "").  When booting
up, the game looks in all the index files to know what to load from disk...
should make sense, not a big deal. =)


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