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Date: 11/16/96

At 02:02 PM 11/16/96 -0500, you wrote:
>I've just tried an attempt at creating a Mounting feature on my mud, and I
>guess I just dont know how to do it, I tried at least 5 times, and
>everytime it just doesn't make sense what I do, I guess I'm not ready for
>that kind of coding level. If ANYONE has already created a MOUNT/UNMOUNT
>feature on their mud, could you please direct me as to where and what I
>should edit/add ? PLEASE?

Placing mounts on the game is no easy task.  In principle it isn't too hard.
Set up a new POS_MOUNTED or whatever you want to call it and then write up
a little routine to change the POS of a player from POS_STANDING to 
POS_MOUNTED.  The simplest way to make the mount follow (although not
realistic at all) is to then charm the mount to follow the player. You
might also want to put a pointer from the player to the mount and vice versa.

This isn't too hard to do.  The problem comes in when you try
to integrate mounts into the game.  For example:  What happens when a god
transfers a player?  Does the mount go also?  What about tunnel rooms?
What about places where mount should go?  Like the side of a cliff.  Do you
really want a player to see both the mounted person and the mount when you
look at a square or simply 'John Smith is mounted on a horse.'  Does a
mounted person have any benfits in combat?  Can he/she be knocked off the
horse?  What happens when someone attacks or kills the horse?  What about
mounted mobs?  There are a ton of little things that need to be intergrated
and taken care of when placing mounts in the game.  None are particularly
hard but if you want it to be realistic you need to think of all these
things.  This
is definietly not a task a newbie coder should undertake and this is why you
won't see any patches out there...mount code will intrude on almost every
aspect of the game.


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