Re: [Circle] Mounting Animals

From: Erik (
Date: 11/16/96

  You'll need to add a struct char *rider and struct char *riding to the 
mob/pc shared structs. do_mount and do_dismount will handle the checks 
and assign the pointers as needed. A few small additions in 
do_simple_move check for skill level if you wish, and 'pull' the rider 
along with the mount. (Look to follower movement for examples). And 
lastly, the majority of the changes will be the actual visuals. These are 
split between actmove and actinfo. You'll need to show the mounted player 
leaving/arriving, standing in the room, etc. I string my mounts to the 
end of the players buffer, and treat the mount itself as a 'noshow/invis' 
entity. So, I get: Jarlinn sits mounted atop a black stallion.

 On Sat, 16 Nov 1996, Bruce, Ray, Phil wrote:

> I've just tried an attempt at creating a Mounting feature on my mud, and I
> guess I just dont know how to do it, I tried at least 5 times, and
> everytime it just doesn't make sense what I do, I guess I'm not ready for
> that kind of coding level. If ANYONE has already created a MOUNT/UNMOUNT
> feature on their mud, could you please direct me as to where and what I
> should edit/add ? PLEASE?
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