RE: [Circle] Poisoned Drink containers

From: Kyle C. Shaw (
Date: 11/16/96

From: 	Haddixx[]

I was just looking through the drink container code and I noticed that
when a player drinks from a poisoned drink container it empties the container,
makes it unpoisoned and then it calls name_from_drinkcon to remove the first
keyword from the object.  Does anyone know why it does that?  It seems a 
little weird to me.  I can understand removing the poison flag and emptying
the object but why remove a keyword from the object?

I noticed that too.. basically, i think the reason for that was to remove a keyword
like "beer", or whatever drink was in the container.  Once emptied, there is no
more beer in the container so it tries to remove the keyword.  As we're now 
working on our world desc's/setting, etc i haven't done much w/ it or even looked
at it much.  I'm sure if there's some other reason someone will post it.. in the
meantime either change it to your preference or remember when you create a 
drink container to have the first keyword be "beer", "water", whatever..or even
double up your first keyword if it's to be a generic container (ie, one that is empty
when purchased/loaded)....


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