[Circle] OasisOLC bug

From: Necromonitor (necromonitor@praxis.annex.net)
Date: 11/16/96

Okay, I posted a question about this a couple days ago, and only received 
one response... a flame.  Now, all I'd like is some acknowledgement of 
this bug, and maybe some *CLUE* how to fix it... I'm using OasisOLC 1.2 
(it looks like, I didn't install this stuff) on Circlemud 3.0pl11.  
Bleeding-Edge, as far as CircleMUD goes... well, okay, there's a bug 
somewhere in the OasisOLC stuff that causes the whole MUD to crash.  It 
has to do with using the editor, and picking a field to enter data into, 
and not entering anything and just pressing enter.  A minute or so later, 
the game crashes.  I'm not a C debugger, but I could probably figure it 
out with a clue as to where the bug is (in the code), and an idea of what 
I have to do.  Alternatively, is there some way to make it produce core 
files?  I'll try to use a debugger then.


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