[Circle] Re: [Newbie][Code]Nanny problems

From: DJ Pure (pure@ozramp.net.au)
Date: 11/16/96

> Ummmm.......
> > 	//scanf ("%s", &answer);
>           ^^^^^^^^
> > 	SEND_TO_Q("Yes/No ??:", d);
> > 	printf ("Answer is %s\n", d);

	Hehehe ... i was just using that to test the function .. not to really
impelelmt. Just like the printf .. just to test the input ... they will be
gone when it works... How do others test their programs ... send_to_chars
to acts?

> Pardon me while I fall off my chair laughing.
> scanf reads input from the keyboad attatched to the computer the mud is
> running on.
> and then you use printf() ?????? printf sends to the console on the
> computer hte mud is running on.

	yep. that's exactly what i wanted. 

> As to input, you cannot directly ask for input from a player. That is
> low level by hte mud itself in a nice tightly controlled loop.
> Once the player has typed in a full line and hit enter, hte mud pushes
> what the player typed in there descriptor.
> Youre really gonna have to study the code on this one. Take a look at
> nanny() function in interpreter.c

	Nod. I've spent a day or so already (off and on 'ish). 'Suppose I'll have
to keep trying.

> If the player was asked a question that needs processing of htere
> you generally set a STATE on the player and a CASE statement in nanny()
> process there answer.
	AHH! THAT'S IT! Thank you! I should have thought of that!!! **Bounces
with joy**

Thank you! I'll add another CON_CHECK (including the #define CON_CHECK)
and make it to a case statement! Your a legend. Thanks!

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