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From: Ric Klaren (j.klaren@student.utwente.nl)
Date: 11/17/96


Just a tidbit of code I had lying around, an improved log function using 
variable args... (compiled and 100% working on Linux system)

Add this to utils.h

extern void log( char *format, ... );

Add this to the top of utils.c

#include <stdarg.h>

And this somewhere in between:

/* writes a string to the log
 * New version, allows printf like call
void log(char *format, ... )
   va_list args;
   time_t ct;
   char *tmstr;
   char buf[512];

   va_start( args, format );
   vsprintf( buf, format, args );

   ct = time(0);
   tmstr = asctime(localtime(&ct));
   *(tmstr + strlen(tmstr) - 1) = '\0';
   fprintf(stderr, "%-19.19s :: %s\n", tmstr, buf );

   va_end( args );

Ok what's the use of this: allows calls like

log("SYSERR: well somebody goofed up this time");
log("SYSERR: he goofed this up %s", buf );
log("SYSERR: he did it using a %ld", some_long_int );

I guess it makes the code a bit more readable (and shorter)

Could do the same to mudlog and send_char....


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