Re: [Circle] score command

From: Ron Hensley (
Date: 11/17/96

> Please, no flames, I admit to the fact that I have no knowledge of C
> programming.
> But, I would like to add players physical attributes to the information
> returned by the command score.  Any assistance would be appreciated.  Even
> a pointer to where the command is in the source would be beneficial, I have
> a knack for figuring things out when given some thing to go on.

Assuming you are on a unix computer. Most functions in CircleMUD such as
score, are in a command by the same name:

Such is the case with the score command.

cd to hte src directory and type:
  grep -in do_score *.c

Grep searches all files contents for hte given word, -i says do not care
about upper/lower case, and -n says report to me the line number within
the file you found it in.

In this case it would return to you:

Which by the way is where most informational comamnds like score are

If you are in Win95, ask one of the Win Gurus about your
  Start/Find/Files button, believe you can do a 'grep' with it.

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