Re: [Circle] [code] wizlevels

From: Scott G. Barter (
Date: 11/18/96

> > While I recently added levels, everything is fine except for a minor
> > problem with the imm levels. I defined the imm levels in structs.h and
> > then in the do_who command in act.informative.c.
> > Level 110 should be flagged as * Implementor * in the WHO list, however it
> > shows as " Coder ". The level is still 110, just the tag is wrong.
> > 
> Did you change the proper code in class.c???

I'm pretty sure I changed everything that needed changing in class.c
Levels were working just fine until I defined the imm levels in structs.h
and added the titles in do_who (act.informative.c)

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