[Circle] Public Archive for WIN95 stock compiled port

From: Clepto (clepto@oemsunix.onysd.wednet.edu)
Date: 11/18/96

I am have put the compiled stock circle.exe on an anonymous ftp server at:
along with circle30bpl11.zip.  I offer this freely but do not support it
in anyway.  Keep in mind that you will not be able modify the code unless
you own a compiler like (ms visual c++ 4.0).  But you can still work on
worlds and zones or mobs or whatever you like. It requires win95 and
tcp/ip althouh you dont have to be hooked up to the net to access it.
Try telneting to and cancelling your dial-up box.  Anyways,
please enjoy and good luck.

Best regards,

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