[Circle] act() codes

Date: 11/18/96

act(string to send, hide if first person is invisible, first person,
	object, second person or object, targets to send to)

$n = Name of *ch
$N = Name of *vict
$m = him/her of *ch
$M = him/her of *vict
$s = his/her of *ch
$S = his/her of *vict
$e = he/she of *ch
$E = he/she of *vict
$o = first alias of *obj
$O = first alias of *vict (if object)
$a = a/an of *obj
$A = a/an of *vict (if object)
$T = looks like a string dump of the value of *vict_obj
$F = looks like the function name of the object

last two I'm guessing at what they look like in the code

George Greer
greerga@muohio.edu (and about 6 others)
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