Re: [Circle] Battle Field (CRASH-BUG)

From: Zbynek Vyskovsky (
Date: 11/19/96

> Well, I guess I found a bug, but not why its happening... I hope that you
> have had this problem before so that you can tell me how to remedy it.
> Everything compiles just fine, and I can do everything with the BATTLE
> command, the canal option, and info option, go option too, close option
> too, but when I open a Battle Field, it does its thing, opens the battle
> field, but after showing all the info on the battle field, like the levels
> and the cost, it crashes... Would you have any clues on why this happens?
 You mean command "battle info" ? It's so easy code... I don't know where
is bug... Maybe your function sprintf. Try to change parameters in calling
function sprintf (in function do_battle, part strcmp("inf")) to
(int) battle_minlev, (int) battle_maxlev, (int) battle_cost)...
If it will help, I think, it's bug in your C-compiler, if it will not help,
so I'm sorry, I can't find bug there...


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