[Circle] HELP!!!

From: mike a dunston (magic__man@juno.com)
Date: 11/19/96

ok i am running teh STOCK  win95 port, i am getting this message when i
try to run it
i am not sure what is wrong with my machine or circle, i got this off of
the ftp site, the one that has teh stock version of circle
precompiled..well, i dont have anybooks that deal with winsock, or that
kidn of thing, so i am at a loss here, any help would be greatly

i am running CIRCLE.EXE v3.0P9
Win95, without PLUS
16 Meg Ram, 200 Meg HD free space, anything else???

C:\WCNAV\DOWNLOAD\circle30bpl11>src\circle -m
Tue Nov 19 13:38:51 :: Running in minimized mode & with no rent check.
Tue Nov 19 13:38:51 :: Using lib as data directory.
Tue Nov 19 13:38:51 :: Running game on port 4000.
Tue Nov 19 13:38:51 :: Finding player limit.
Tue Nov 19 13:38:51 :: Opening mother connection.
Tue Nov 19 13:38:51 :: Max players set to 252
Error opening network connection: Winsock err #10047

if you need any more info let me know, i will send more info as needed...

Mike Dunston
1@2948.SierraLink  -  WWIV BBS Network
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