[Circle] ACK, more of the dang mounts.. HELP!!!

From: Terry Valladon (Reaper@cyber.reno.nv.us)
Date: 11/19/96

ok, I did that stuff and put this in act.informative.c under the list one
char or whatever...
is there any help you can give me? I dont know how to fix these errors...

(line 261)    if (PLR_FLAGGED(i, PLR_RIDING))
(line 262)    sprintf(buf, "%s is riding %s.", buf, GET_NAME(GET_MOUNT(i));

ok, I tried it with i and ch as the varable... no luck... heres the errors....

heather:4280 src> make                                                          
make ../bin/circle                                                              
gcc -c -g -O -Wall  act.informative.c                                           
act.informative.c: In function `list_one_char':                                 
act.informative.c:262: warning: implicit declaration of function `GET_MOUNT'    
act.informative.c:262: invalid type argument of `->'                            
act.informative.c:262: invalid type argument of `->'
act.informative.c:262: invalid type argument of `->'
act.informative.c:262: syntax error before `;'
*** Error code 1

*** Error code 1

heather:4281 src> 
--end snip--

ok, and here are the defines in utils.h... 

#define IS_MOUNTED(ch)         (IS_AFFECTED(ch, AFF_MOUNTED))
*/ this shows if the MOB is mounted... right? */

#define IS_MOUNTABLE(ch)       ( IS_MOB(ch) && !IS_MOUNTED(ch) && \
                                 (IS_SET(MOB_FLAGS(ch),MOB_MOUNTABLE)) )
*/ shows if the mob is mountable... right? */

#define CAN_MOUNT(ch)          ( !IS_MOB(ch) && !IS_MOUNTED(ch) )
*/ hmmm... shouldent this be && !IS_MOUNTABLE?? */

ok, I added those little */'s in here... not in the code (I know there
backwords... I have my search program set up that way... it wint work wiht
/* in my mail.... (shrug)

and gete is the GET_MOUNT, it was put in utils.c... I just tossed it into
the end.... (looked like a good place =:) )

struct char_data *
get_mount(struct char_data *ch)
  struct follow_type *j, *f;

  if (!ch || !IS_MOUNTED(ch))
    return (NULL);

   /* loop through all the ch's followers, if you find one thats
      a mob and it's mounted,  if must be ch's horse, since
      a mob that is mounted is CHARMed, and a charmed mob can't
      follow anyone but his own master.*/

  for (f = ch->followers; f; f = j) {
    j = f->next;
    if (IS_MOB(f->follower) && IS_MOUNTED(f->follower))

  return ((struct char_data *)NULL);
--end snip--

if ANYONE can help please do... thanks.... =:)

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