[Circle] *sigh* more mounts

From: Terry Valladon (Reaper@cyber.reno.nv.us)
Date: 11/19/96

ok, this thread is getting sick... but I have all but a FEW small parts of
mount working... we have had it (somewhat) working for a LONG time.. but
there are problems... number one removing the RIDING flag from a char if
someone kills his horse... how do I do this? I assume I would need a for
loop checking for masters... but can anyone send me an example? and where do
I need to put it? or can I just remove the AFF like this? (I know this is
wrong... but I am woried about the varables)


and put that in fight.c? 

2nd dismounting the mount if the player dies/quits... how do I call an acmd?
how do I declare it? what externals if any do I need?

if anyopne can help... once I get these fixed my code will be all done... =:)



Cyber (missing his coders for the moment) Reaper.

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