RE: [Circle] HeartBeat Check

From: Gary Barnett (
Date: 11/19/96

>I have this little problem with my mount code. When a character dies and is
>mounted, the mounted animal stays hidden and the MOB_MOUNTED flag stays on,
>I wanted to create a check somewhere in the heartbeat so make sure that the
>animals rider is still alive, but I really dont know how to do that. What
>if the player comes back into the game, and the check didn't happen yet,
>will it think that the player is still the rider? Can anyone help me out on
>this one?

      Maybe right before the player dies it should 'unmount'.. That seems the most
      logical place to add that functionality.

I> dont have a problem with the mounted animal dieing, because I put a check
>that stops people from attacking mounted animals, you can't harm them... 

      Gods can though, right? Might be best to do another check when a mob dies..
      if the mob has a mount flag or whatever, check through the 'riders' and remove
      their flags...

>This is a bug that I can live with, but the more people die when mounted,
>the more hidden animals will be stuck in the mud ,and it will end up taking
>up HUGE amounts of memory... Anyone has any clues? Or even if you can
>delete the animal if it is not following anymore?

      I'd just make sure that you can't get to the 'failure' state.. Do your checks up
      front and you don't have to worry about the back end.


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