[Circle] [BUG FIX] **IMPORTANT** index_boot missing fclose()

From: Christopher M. Ryan (drizzt@visi.net)
Date: 11/19/96

Hello all,
	Thanks for reading this! You won't be disapointed. To the point!

	In db.c in the function void index_boot(int mode) the function does NOT
have fclose(index) at the end!!! Please add this as the last function call
to index_boot. Why? When circle boots and doesn't close these files you
loose two files descriptors (some unix os's can only have but so many open
at a time) and second if you want to do anything other than just read (i.e.
oasis uses rename() ) then you can't due to access denied.

	Could this be added to the next circle release and also added to a general
patch or something? It gave me a headache for the past day with oasis
renaming index files for new zones and i only found it by accident.

Thank you have a nice day!

Christopher M. Ryan
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