[Circle] Re: [bug] fclose()

From: George (greerga@dragon.ham.muohio.edu)
Date: 11/20/96

On Wed, 20 Nov 1996, Christopher M. Ryan wrote:

>to index_boot. Why? When circle boots and doesn't close these files you
>loose two files descriptors (some unix os's can only have but so many open
>at a time) and second if you want to do anything other than just read (i.e.
>oasis uses rename() ) then you can't due to access denied.

Funny...I have Oasis write to a temporary file, then if it doesn't
crash :), remove the old one, rename the new one to the old one.
It's worked fine for months.  I recently put in code to make the
temporary file and then execute a shell script.  The script
removes the old .gz, gzip's the old file, then renames the new
file to the old file...no problems thus far.

Works in Linux 2.0.25, no idea about others.

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