[Circle] Port Project

Date: 11/20/96

Recently I've noticed that a lot of newbies are starting to run circle   
muds on MSDOS platforms (95/NT/DOS). Would it be possible to post a   
little info about circle on the FAQ? Like if you're running one of the   
above OS platforms:
1. For the most part "patches" don't work.
2. Only use a compiler that supports long file names. (MSVC 4.0)

PS -What happened to the mentor program? I'd love to have a mentor!!   
(Cause *boy* I sure could use one!!) Also if a mentor or two could help   
me, I'd like to port a lot of the patches for Circle to MSDOS. Since I'm   
one of those people who are running circle on NT. If possible folks   
gimmie your insight. Please don't flame me, It was only a thought!!

AKA "The Almighty FyreLord" or "Die"

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