Re: [Circle] Adding a POS_ position BEFORE POS_DEAD

From: George (
Date: 11/20/96

On Tue, 19 Nov 1996 wrote:

>I want to insert a POS_ZOMBIE position in my player positions
>before POS_DEAD, thus bumping all the existing positions up by
>one.  I've scanned different bits of the code (esp. handler and

bad bad bad bad bad

>fight) and don't forsee any problems with this, but wanted to
>ask first.. So.. is it safe to do this?

All your mobs are saved with the values of 1,2,3,4,5,6 for positions.
If you change that, then sitting mobs will rest, standing mobs will
be fighting, etc...unless you add one to the position variable when
you read the mob in.

(I should know, I added praying and mounted, now all my standing
mobs are fighting position...simple check fixed it though, on
loadup, if get_pos==fighting, then stand.  It works til you make
a more permanent (and better) solution.  (Rewrite the correct
value on OLC save))

George Greer	Student Systems Co-Administrator of Dragon
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