Re: [Circle] [C] bzero

From: Yoink! (
Date: 11/20/96

On Wed, 20 Nov 1996, Shawn A. Daniel wrote:

> > A very good place to look for an extremely simple syntactical issue such
> > as this is in your man pages.  I.E.  If, by the off chance you have never
> > used a man page, the command is: man bzero.  Man pages are absolutely
> > amazing things.. you get the prototypes, the libraries, and usually the
> > author mentions one or two things about the function itself.  Try it,
> > you'll like it.

> IF, by the OFF chance you were aware of what Operating system he was
> running before would think that Win95 doesn't have the
> luxury of a MAN page command...hence your snot advice about man bzero isn't
> remotely close or even VALID.  

> NOT all MUD Imps are running on BSD or a Linux Box, some of us happen to
> like the ease of Win95.

Ease? How many problems are associated with the lousy tcp/ip suport in Win

> Next time, atleast wash your foot before you put it in your mouth.

> > Oh, and so this isn't a totally useless reply, <string.h> :)

> Sorry, the blabbing already ruined the WHOLE message.

Yours or his?

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