Re: [Circle] Adding a POS_ position BEFORE POS_DEAD

From: Jack Wilson (
Date: 11/20/96 wrote:
> Thanks for your input, folx (Daniel, Daniel, and Jack.)
> Got a bit to think about now.. Didn't even think about
> the files themselves.. Guess that's what I get for
> concentrating on the code.. I think I'm going to combine
> a few things and put in the temp fix that Jack suggested,
> then go ahead and write a function as Daniel said..
> One last opinion:  Should I put my POS_ZOMBIE before
> or after POS_DEAD?  (Going to do a corpse fetch kinda
> thing).. I'm leaning towards before, as a body-less player
> shouldn't be able to do much... Thanks again!

I just said that your original plan would break the database.
I didn't say that adding POS_ZOMBIE was a good idea. :)

In particular, if a PC/NPC is a "zombie" then this means it
can't sit, stand, sleep, etc.  This seems unduly restrictive.
What if you add a "bash" command which knocks someone on
his arse?  Wouldn't that remove the zombie-ness state?  Ick.

You should just represent zombification as an affect.  It 
overcomplicates things to make zombie-ness an extra position...
there are too many ways that add-on code could break such
a scheme.  The sitting/standing/etc states were originally
designed to represent a continuum of body positions (from
"lying on the ground dying" to "standing"), not to represent
all aspects of the character's current state.
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