[Off Topic] Re: [Circle] [ISP] Fraud! HELP!

From: Alvoria MUD (mudguy@conan.ids.net)
Date: 11/20/96

On Wed, 20 Nov 1996, Bruce, Ray, Phil wrote:
> Hi everyone, I'm having a little problem with my ISP taking money from me,
> and I really NEED your knowledge! I'm running my MUD on my 28.8K
> connection, and my ISP has been taking money from my Credit Card saying
> that I'm taking up TOO MUCH Bandwidth! Now how is that possible??? I only
> Have a 28.8K Modem!

Well, you have to consider that they may be basing their billing on people
from outside trying to get into your mud. If you look in (comm.c I think)
the code, you will find that there is a line that has been commented out
that adds a line similar to the one below this paragraph to your mudlog.
Although for most cases it's not really necessary, if you have to document
connections from outside (even connections that never are completed... you
know... either [ Losing Player: <null> ] or [ Losing descriptor without
char ]...) it's a useful thing to add on. It will appear in your syslogs
and you can use them (if you save your old syslogs) along with the nusage
logs as evidence to show your ISP.

> Now! I didn't know who else to ask! And I know this is VERY Off TOPIC, so
> please dont send Flames! Just let me know if they are RIGHT or WRONG... As
> far as I know, they are wrong! How can I transfer more than my modem can
> handle??

They could be either. What I would do is to ask what they mean exactly by
bandwidth. Are they counting packets received and sent to your mud? Are
they just complaining about how much time you are connected via Modem? (My
ISP is not so happy about people who monopolize time on shared dialups..,
so this may be what they are annoyed about.) Or, are the charging you per
TCP connection that connects thru their gateway? (Only mean ISPs do that :P)
If anything, I think you should discuss with them exactly what they are
charging you for, especially if they are billing you via credit card#.

> Please answer this message, I need to save all the cash they took!
If you are really avaricious... I suppose you could call your credit card
handler and dispute the charges... but I doubt that will make your situation
any better. (heh..)

Btw, aren't you supposed to put [Off Topic] in the subject line of the
post for stuff like this? Gee...

 - mendar

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