[Circle] [ISP] Fraud! HELP!

From: Bruce, Ray, Phil (bherbert@ns.technonet.com)
Date: 11/20/96

Hi everyone, I'm having a little problem with my ISP taking money from me,
and I really NEED your knowledge! I'm running my MUD on my 28.8K
connection, and my ISP has been taking money from my Credit Card saying
that I'm taking up TOO MUCH Bandwidth! Now how is that possible??? I only
Have a 28.8K Modem!

Now! I didn't know who else to ask! And I know this is VERY Off TOPIC, so
please dont send Flames! Just let me know if they are RIGHT or WRONG... As
far as I know, they are wrong! How can I transfer more than my modem can

Please answer this message, I need to save all the cash they took!

	      *Frostiana*  BETA
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