Re: [Circle] [ISP] Fraud! HELP!

From: Necromonitor (
Date: 11/20/96

On Wed, 20 Nov 1996, Bruce, Ray, Phil wrote:

> Hi everyone, I'm having a little problem with my ISP taking money from me,
> and I really NEED your knowledge! I'm running my MUD on my 28.8K
> connection, and my ISP has been taking money from my Credit Card saying
> that I'm taking up TOO MUCH Bandwidth! Now how is that possible??? I only
> Have a 28.8K Modem!
> Now! I didn't know who else to ask! And I know this is VERY Off TOPIC, so
> please dont send Flames! Just let me know if they are RIGHT or WRONG... As
> far as I know, they are wrong! How can I transfer more than my modem can
> handle??
> Please answer this message, I need to save all the cash they took!

Are you paying for a dedicated connection?  Or are you just using your 
regular account, and staying connected all the time?

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