Re: [Circle] Problems with kick

From: DJ Pure (
Date: 11/20/96

	*Everyone* is saying to add the &&. This is wrong.
Someone mentioned to add the () around each seperate check, but LEAVE the

You see, with the && the person who is kicking has to be a WARRIOR *AND* a
BARD if the && is there. The && means AND, which is like saying "nd there's
no buts about it"..

eg. if ( (x == CLASS_1) && (x == CLASS_2) ) {

	This says that if x is equal to class one AND IT HAS TO ALSO be equal to
class two, then do that stuff in between the { }. If the || was there, the
x can EITHER be class one or class 2, wuhich is the correct answer. How
many classes are BOTH a warrior AND a bard .. If they are scitsofrenic
(sp?) then maybe ... but not normally.

So in summary ... NO &&.[bitwaise and]  keep the || [bitwise or].

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