Re: [Circle] [NEWBIE] What is a MOBPROG?

From: Eduardo Gutierrez de Oliveira (
Date: 11/21/96

On Wed, 20 Nov 1996, Bruce, Ray, Phil wrote:

> What is a MOB PROG? I haven't learned that yet, and I was ready to install
> a patch for mobprog without knowing what it is... I just want to ask first,
> so that I can spare all the work if I dont want it.

Get the oldest version of MObProgs, which has the documentation, it is a
code that lets you program MOBs easier than Spec_procs, right into the mob
file, I still haven't used the thing, but I have it installed, I may
implement it into Oasis as soon as I figure an interface for it...

BTW, MobProgs are, as far as I have read in this list, pure CPU hogs, so
try to keep out of them when you can use spec_procs instead...

Something else, has anyone coded mobprog into Oasis? Is it a good idea?
What should be better, a menued interface or a plain text editor for it?

Something else, can someone please send me an example of a working MobProg
to better understand the documentation, I find it lacking in examples...

Lastly, can the guy that posted the Eliza code contact me? I tried
reaching him in his own MUD but I believe hour timezones are very
different (more like the working hours..:). I have two or three doubts and
maybe he could help me out..:)

> Another question... Does the TRAIN code work properly? RIght out of the FTP?

It doesn't, it doesn't require that much tweaking, but I suggest doing
some strong sanity checks, it coredumps the mud if at startup it cannot
find the rooms designed...

> And Has anyone installed ANY of the ARENA codes with success? Please let me
> know which ones! Thanks

I tried LostLands almost a year ago (before wetting my hands into C) and
could get it to work halfway, I tried Battlefield last week and got stuck
in the part where players get transferred to the arena, for some reason
the mud didn't recognize the rooms (actually I couldn't make the server
run until I commented out the check for vnums vs. rnums, which crashed the
mud, anyone has found a fix for it?)

Also, can I have both LostLands code and Battlefield code installed at the
same time? I was thinking there shouldn't be any problems but I am not
sure of this (I haven't checked LostLands' code for a while).

BTW, LostLands arena is kind of spiffier, with more features.

Battlefields is more compact and more customizable, as well as easier to
implement (LostLands took me almost a week to quasi-implement,
Battlefields was working in an afternoon, except for the room transferring


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