Re: [Circle] Improved Edit fixed?

From: Eduardo Gutierrez de Oliveira (
Date: 11/21/96

On Wed, 20 Nov 1996, Theodore Dubroff wrote:

> Has improved edit been fixed to work with Oasis OLC?  About a week ago
> people were complaining that it was ruining some of the things with Oasis,
> and causing crashes.  Has this been fixed?

This may be a platform specific bug, I have Oasis and the improved editor
installed and it has yet to give me a bug whatsoever (actually I run Oasis
since version 1 without ever finding a bug in it, never crashed so far).

I do have some doubts with tedit, the editor of text files that uses the
improved editor... Whenever you edit a text file (no OAsis), like MOTD or
News, it lets you do anything to the file, but when you try to save the
mud crashes (actually it freezes, if you press enter several times it
dumps) with some nanny error, I still have to find the reason for this,
any ideas?



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