Re: [Circle] [OBUILD] Bug?

From: Sammy (
Date: 11/21/96

On Thu, 21 Nov 1996, Todd Hamilton Richert wrote:

- Hrm for some reason some of Major BBS's telnet clients give the users
- double spaces in any zone where Obuild has been used.  This doesn't occur
- in any stock areas unless they have been edited by Obuild.  Can someone
- help me out with this?  I would really really really appreciate it.

If you're seeing this in room descriptions, you've got an old copy of
obuild.  Get .06 and those will go away after you resave them.  If you're
seeing the extra linefeeds in exit descriptions or somewhere else, it's a
fairly easy fix.  Just look at the code in save_rooms where it calls
kill_ems() and do the same with the part that saves exit descriptions.
You may also want to edit the saving of action descriptions for objects in
the objs_to_file function.


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