[Circle] Re: ACMD(do_move)

From: Feaelin Moilar (feaelin@dialnet.net)
Date: 11/22/96

On Fri, 22 Nov 1996, Ron Cole wrote:
> >  perform_move(ch, cmd - 1, 0);
> >}
> >                   ^^^-> Bug/feature 8)
> >
> >As far as I can figure it SHOULD be :
> >
> >  perform_move(ch, subcmd - 1, 0);
> Hmm, at a quick glance, it seems you are probably correct, depending on the
> values of the subcmds.  However, it works as is in the stock code, because the
> move commands are the first 6 defined.  If you inserted a new command in front
> of of them or added new directions, then it would probably break.

It does work.  The first time I added nw,se,sw,ne to stock circle I 
originally wanted a way to make both 'northwest' and 'nw' available.  So 
I changed that routine as above, and then added the extra commands 
further down in the Master Command List(tm) with the appropiate 

Second time around I didn't bother...how often is the user going to 
prefer 'northwest;northwes;...;northw' to 'nw' ? :)

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