[Circle] Newbie

From: marimah@ksu.ksu.edu (marimah@ksu.edu)
Date: 11/22/96

Anyway, it worked great, except for one thing. I want to add something like
this in the do_score function:

sprintf(buf,"Race: %s", GET_RACE(ch));

This doesn't work, and I think it's because the race.doc says to make the
race a player chooses a byte instead of a character like title and name are.
I changed it to character, plus every place else in the code that I saw that
needed to be changed for that reason, but it still doesn't work. Can anyone
help me out here? It's really got me stumped. If you haven't already guessed
it, I'm an extreme newbie both to coding and this mailing list. 

Thanks in advance :)


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